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There’s No GPS for Leadership There are few things I enjoy more than offshore fishing. I love the exhilaration I feel as I watch the shore fade into the distance. I begin to dream about what monster fish might find its way onto the end of my line. For me, this kind of fishing doesn’t begin until I am 50... Photo of Paul HuyghebaertPaul Huyghebaert
The Problem of Addiction Today Oftentimes when I am speaking to a group of people I ask, “How many people here know someone who struggles with addiction?” Then I ask, “How many people have known someone who has died from an accidental overdose?” The responses are alarming. While there may have been three or four people in a room raising... Photo of Marcus De Carvalho, M.D.Marcus De Carvalho, M.D.
How Do I Know My Love Isn’t Just an Act? There’s a riches-to-rags, glory-to-gags story called The Picture of Dorian Gray, written by Oscar Wilde. Dorian and Sibyl would have made a gorgeous couple—he the enviably handsome gentleman and she the talented and beautiful stage actress. But after they fell in love, Dorian decided to bring a couple of his high society friends to watch... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
Jesus Never Lost at Rock, Paper, Scissor As a kid, I was in line for the amusement park. Grandpa was taking us there. And he told me to lie about my age to get me in a lower cost bracket. That was a collision between respecting your elders and telling the truth. So do you flip a coin? Let’s say the bills... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
Grace as a Bop on the Head in the Middle of the Night I’m writing this in the middle of the night as God is convicting me of my lack of perseverance in many areas of my life, both spiritual and personal. It comes after a challenging evening in my marriage, nothing serious, just the fruit of a busy day and a lack of grace and patience for... Photo of Michelle EagleMichelle Eagle
It’s Not Looking Good, But It’s Not over Yet “It’s not looking good, but it’s not over yet.” Remember thinking this thought at two minutes left to go in the fourth quarter? You said to yourself, If they can make a three pointer and then force a turnover . . . . You might have had the same thought on an election night, as... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
The Historicity of the Two Men Who Authorized Jesus’ Death – Evidence for Easter Part 2 The truth of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection is supremely important. But the position a person takes on these events should not be a matter of pride, arrogance, or blind faith. It should be a matter of fact. The Koran says that Jesus did not die on the cross. The New Testament says he did.... Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
Does History Demonstrate that Jesus Existed? – Evidence for Easter Part 1 Easter is a special time when the interest about Jesus and his death, burial, and resurrection is piqued for many. There are lots of people who share opinions. But few share the facts. This is the first of three posts giving facts about Jesus and his death, burial, and resurrection. Why are the facts important?... Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
How Do I Make My Teenager Love Jesus? This was a question I received recently from a mom. She reached out to me and was desperate for answers. “He goes with us to church and is fine going to his youth group, but when I try to talk to him about faith he seems so disinterested.” How can she light a fire in... Photo of Joanne KraftJoanne Kraft
Growing a New Marriage with Dirty Dishwater The dishwater had few suds left, and the water was a muddy chocolate brown. That’s when Daniel walked into the kitchen and glanced over where I’d just placed the bowl and spoon into dirty dishwater. What ensued was one of those classic newlywed “discussions” where the golden days of newlywed bliss feel like they begin... Photo of Susanna McCoySusanna McCoy
Leadership Matters A number of years ago I made the trip back to my alma mater to serve as part of a think-tank. The school administration asked a small group of former ministry students what, if anything, they could improve upon for the sake of future graduates. I remember one question well, “Based upon your ministry experience,... Photo of Paul HuyghebaertPaul Huyghebaert
The Key To True Discipleship Is This Most pastors in the US long to teach to a huge crowd of excited people on Sunday mornings: people packed into pews, pens and notebooks in hand, waiting for a download of all kinds of top-rated, inspiring information from the Bible. But this kind of learning environment is exactly what a good schoolteacher would hate:... Photo of Jim PutmanJim Putman
Training for More We are quickly approaching that time of year when we can get inundated with trying to do more: more parties, more gift giving, more commitments, and oftentimes more overwhelmed! It’s easy in all of this to let the importance of caring for our body and soul take the back seat to our other priorities. We... Photo of Christina CharleyChristina Charley
Does Cannabis Have Medicinal Value—Even for Christians? What’s your interpretation of how using marijuana is depicted in the Bible? There is no specific or clear biblical answer to this question so we have to use Scriptures to guide us. As with any issue on which the Bible is silent, we should exercise caution to not over-interpret Scriptures and be cautious of not... Photo of Dr. Sasha NoeDr. Sasha Noe
How to Model Passionate Politeness My wife and I (Jason) have two children. As parents, we have found more than one situation where we disapprove of how one of the kids is treating their sibling. We will say something like, “Be kind!” or, “Stop being selfish!” When one considers these commands outside of the moment, it becomes easy to see... Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby HarringtonPhoto of Jason HendersonJason Henderson
Inviting the Invisible: Why the Church’s View of Prisoners Matters “I was in prison and you came to me. … Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” —Matthew 25:36, 40 When was the last time you thought about prisoners? Maybe you saw a news reporter cover a crime story... Photo of Emily AndrewsEmily Andrews
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