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A Reckoning for the Church This one is going to be rough. We spent a lot of time looking at “Judge not, lest you be judged” (Mt. 7:1-6) because judgmentalism is probably the great sin of the contemporary American church. Let me explain. There are two kinds of unbelievers in the United States–those who haven’t heard of Jesus and those... Photo of Jeremy BaconJeremy Bacon
We Have Only One Life to Live Time is a precious gift to us, and it is constantly slipping away. So it is all-important that we invest our time well. St. Jerome was the translator of the Latin Vulgate, which served as the official Catholic Scriptures for more than 1,500 years and is widely considered to be the most important translation of... Photo of Curtis SergeantCurtis Sergeant
Preparing Students for College: Intergenerational Relationships Generational distrust has been among us for quite some time now. It is rather comical when my grandparents describe how old and outdated their parents appeared to them while they were young and how keen they were to rebel. My parents can recall times earlier in life when they considered people older than 40 to... Photo of Tyler RichterTyler Richter
How Do I Build Peace into a Stressful Day? In my last article, we learned a lesson from my one-year-old daughter on how to find peaceful moments regardless of the chaos of the situation. We call them “rock-a-chair” moments, based on the song my kids started singing as they rocked in the kids’ rocking chair. May I share with you a handful of ways... Photo of Katie WKatie W
Intersectionality, Christianity, & Why Reconciliation > Reversal In the land of India lived a woman named Kisa. She had a son, an only son, who unexpectedly died. Kisa could not accept that he was gone. So she scooped him up in her arms and went from neighbor to neighbor asking for medicine. Everyone she talked to knew the boy was dead. Yet... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
It Is Finished “It is finished!” The cry from the cross rings out across the years. In the Greek New Testament, it is only one word (tetelestai—teh TEL es tie), but that word is packed with meaning. A brief look at the many ways the word was used in those days will greatly enlarge our appreciation for what... Photo of Kenny BolesKenny Boles
Lessons from the Church in Pakistan: Boldness Q: What are some tools you use to make disciples in Pakistan? I have a small group in my home, where we pick a Bible book and go through it verse by verse. This is because we want people to know the whole Bible, not just picking and choosing. We take references from here and... Photo of Sam GillSam Gill
Break for…a God-Sized Question Our Father accumulated infinite wealth. He did this through untold ages of creativity, ingenuity, integrity, honorable leadership and management. He ruled over everything that exists because everything came from Him. At the end of His ministry, however, Jesus told us, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (Matthew 28:18, NIV).... Photo of Tony TwistTony Twist
Changing Times: Part 3 of a Conversation with Bob Russell *Editor’s Note: Brett Seybold recently sat down with Bob Russell to talk about the state of the American church in light of current events and trends. This is part 3 of that conversation.  Q: Most pastors are accustomed to being seen as the good guys in society. They’re the nice guys, seen as among the... Photo of Bob RussellPhoto of Brett Seybold
Monotheism: What Are the Ism’s in the World of the Bible? Monotheism, or the belief in only one God, is a central part of the Christian faith. Many people just take for granted that this belief has always been prevalent among the people of God, even from the earliest pages of the Old Testament. The reality, however, is not so clear. The Bible presents a complicated... Photo of Jon KehrerJon Kehrer
I’ve Got Peace like a Rocking Chair “Rock-a-chair.” I love how kids rename things. “Rock-a-chair” is my 4 year old’s renaming of our beloved rocking chair. After bringing up two babies without possessing a rocking chair, I figured I didn’t need one. When one was offered to me with my third baby, I almost turned it down. I love free stuff though,... Photo of Katie WKatie W
Ditches to Avoid – Part 2 of a Conversation with Bob Russell *Editor’s Note: Brett Seybold recently sat down with Bob Russell to talk about the state of the American church in light of current events and trends. This is part 2 of that conversation.  Q: In an election year, how can pastors keep Jesus the central figure for their congregations to think about and the source... Photo of Bob RussellPhoto of Brett Seybold
Lessons from the Church in Pakistan: Persecution and Progress *Editor’s Note: I was recently able to talk with Pakistani pastor Sam Gill about the church in Pakistan. In this second article in this series on Pakistan (2 of 3), Sam talks about the persecution against Christians in Pakistan, yet how the church continues to grow.  Q: Just how Muslim is Pakistan, and do the... Photo of Sam GillSam Gill
Preparing Students for College: Cultural Discernment At Missouri State University, there are clubs for everything. There’s a club for Democrats and another for Republicans. There are societies for future accountants and future dietitians. There are associations for Chinese students, Indian students, and Saudi Arabian students. If you love playing with Nerf guns, there’s a live action role play club for you.... Photo of Tyler RichterTyler Richter
When Should You Confront a Fellow Christian’s Sin? Part 2 For Part 1, click here. We need to figure out how to love our fellow Christians enough to confront their sin. Yet we avoid the question. Why? Why are we reluctant to intervene with fellow believers engaged in obvious disobedience? First, perhaps we’re afraid of their spiritual immaturity. As we’ve looked at in-depth, people do... Photo of Jeremy BaconJeremy Bacon
Are You Feeling Alone? Living alone has its ups and its downs. And the downs fell hard last week. With the whole sheltering-in-place in isolation, plus being separated from my kids and church family, I felt distant and untethered. As I sat eating yet another meal . . . alone, I could feel myself sinking deep into shadows. But... Photo of Debbra StephensDebbra Stephens
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