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You Are Unique! A deck of cards that is shuffled correctly is an example of something profoundly unique. The number of possible orders for a deck of cards is a 68-digit number. That’s an incredibly large number of possible orders! I can comprehend seven-digit numbers and ten-digit numbers, but 68 digits? How large is that number? There are... Photo of Stephen BrownlowStephen Brownlow
When the Burden Feels too Heavy: Maintaining Spiritual Health and Emotional Empathy amidst the Challenges of Full-Time Ministry Yesterday was one of those days. If you’re in full-time ministry, you know what I’m talking about. The kind of day where my phone seemed to go off incessantly, alerting me to just one more need, crisis, challenge, or painful situation someone in my congregation under my care was facing. There was the brother who... Photo of Josh BrookerJosh Brooker
Book Review and Reflections on Embodied, by Preston Sprinkle I have been praying about this review/thought piece for some time. In the United States, the Equality Act has long been working its way through the government. This act has erupted in debate on both sides of the aisle. It is the cause of arguments about women’s sports, bathrooms, how to treat young children, and... Photo of William ButtWilliam Butt
It’s Time to Leave the Starship Enterprise for the Blue Origin. What do you think of blunt Christian billboards? It’s easy to get annoyed at stoplights because they rigidly alternate between only three options (stop, go, and slow). Imagine how most people feel toward the billboards that bring it down to only two options and say curtly, “It’s your choice…heaven or hell.” Spiritually speaking, most people... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
Sermon on the Mount: How to Cut Off Your Hand The problem with most Christian discussions of sexual ethics is that they’re usually heavy on the “why” and light on the “how to.” But in Matthew 5:29-30, Jesus is pretty serious about the importance of doing something. Objectification is not okay. We get that. But quite a bit of my unredeemed body doesn’t care. So... Photo of Jeremy BaconJeremy Bacon
3 Ways Fear Lies to Us Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. We all know fear; we’ve all experienced it. From the time we are young, we understand it. Whether real or imagined, fear is a part of our life on this earth.... Photo of Holli TurnerHolli Turner
Blessed in Mourning: 3 Gifts to Give Someone Who Is Grieving Unexpectedly over the last few months, I’ve gained deeper understanding of the second beatitude, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” I’ve known with my head that there will one day be a final fulfillment of this teaching of Jesus, where all those believers that have experienced grief and loss will find... Photo of Chris WhiteChris White
Persecuted Christians Are Lights in the Darkness Abdul Baith has lived in Pakistan most of his life and is a Christian of immense courage. He is not ashamed of the gospel, nor is he afraid of saying what needs to be said. As I sat across the table from him, drinking his delightful Pakistani tea, I needed him to say something. It’s... Photo of Jake SutherlinJake Sutherlin
Book Review: On the Road with Saint Augustine, by James K.A. Smith The point of a story is not to be original. The point of a story is to relate to other people. We may be different, you and me. We may even be vastly different. But there are some aspects of our stories that make it possible to see ourselves in each other. If I told... Photo of Jonathan CieckaJonathan Ciecka
What Is the Final Judgment? *Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Gary Johnson’s The End: The Return of King Jesus and the Renewal of All Things.  Many Americans have never been in a courtroom. Only a select few have had to appear in court, whether as a plaintiff, defendant, witness, jurist, or court official. Yet most Americans are... Photo of Gary JohnsonGary Johnson
If God Is Love, Hell Is Real. I do not enjoy thinking about hell. Or talking about it. Or writing about it. Or even believing in it. But whether we think or talk or write about it, it is a fact that people will go there. Put more strongly, the less we talk about it, the more likely people will end up... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
Why Storytelling is Important to the Life of a Christian “Hi, sweetheart, how was your day?” “Good,” your teenage son says, tossing his backpack on the floor of the car. “What did you learn about?” “Nothing,” he says, pulling out his headphones. “How did you do on that test?” “Fine,” he says, swiping on his phone. “Did anything interesting happen today?” And now he can’t... Photo of Taffeta ChimeTaffeta Chime
Learning to Pray: Yield (Part 4 of P.R.A.Y.) Prayer is more challenging than we’d like to admit. At its most basic elements, prayer is having a conversation with God. Sounds easy enough. But what if you don’t know what to say? What if you never hear anything from God? What if you get distracted? It’s easy to see where things fall apart. We... Photo of Joshua BranhamJoshua Branham
When a Story Is Cut Tragically Short Helping my 4-year-old son at bedtime means I’ve had to become a creative story machine. Sometimes the machine is out of order. I’ve found myself coming up with a passable premise for a story, getting halfway through, and then running out. “The end,” I’ll say to buy myself some time. He will then facepalm and... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
A Few Keys to Reconciling Broken Relationships *Editor’s Note: This post in an excerpt adapted from Paul’s upcoming book called The Way Back: Why Repentance Ushers in the Presence of God and the Revival the Church So Desperately Needs. As one with a background in professional counseling, I have spent a good deal of the last decade of my life trying to... Photo of Paul HuyghebaertPaul Huyghebaert
What’s the Point of Teaching the Bible? *Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Tony Twist and Mihai Malancea’s Grand Metanarrative: God’s Story as an Invitation to Theology.  Although my (Tony) academic career included a Master of Divinity and two doctorates, I went to school as a part-time student. Even though this approach meant stretching the degrees out over multiple years, it... Photo of Tony TwistPhoto of Mihai Malancea
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