What the Bible Says About End Times

What the Bible Says About End Times

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A recent study by Pew Research found that about four in ten U.S. adults believe humanity is “living in the end times.” How about you? What do you believe? And do you believe the Bible gives us accessible answers to these questions?

This topic can be a difficult one. There are so many different beliefs and perspectives. This preacher says one thing; another preacher says something different. Some churches teach one perspective; the next church down the street teaches a different one. And then there are popular podcasts and books that teach still different perspectives. Then comes the hardest observation of all: the Bible itself seems hard to understand or even contradictory on these questions.

How can an everyday person make sense out of this complicated topic?

We want to help you. To show you what the Bible teaches, we are going to focus in on the basics.

  • Which “end-times” teachings are essential to the Christian faith? 
  • What is the “intermediate state”? 
  • What happens after Jesus’ return? 
  • What happens at the “final judgment”? 
  • What can we know about life after death? 
  • What does the Bible teach about hell? 
  • What does the Bible teach about the new heaven and new earth? 


Our goal is for this book to serve you as a basic primer by fixing your eyes on the Bible’s foundational teachings on the end times. We want to provide you with foundational clarity and point you to lasting hope amid chaotic, confusing times.