Individual Supporting Partners

Support with a Monthly or Yearly Donation is a 501c3 and relies on the generous financial support of faithful friends and partners. Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement as, together, we renew the teachings of Jesus! Those that commit to recurring donations of $25 or more per month are considered regular supporting network members. Regular supporting members receive free access to our digital locker with dozens of hours of substantive video presentations, plus occasional free books, discounts, and more! Please prayerfully consider becoming a regular supporting member today.

Monthly Donation

Minimum Donation: $25
$ 25
  • Digital Locker Access
  • Free Ticket to Gathering (After 1 Year)
  • Discounts

Annual Donation

Minimum Donation: $300
$ 300
  • Digital Locker Access
  • Free Ticket to Gathering
  • Discounts

One Time-Donation

No Minimum
$ 0
  • No Digital Locker Access
  • Donate Any Amount
  • Thank You

Church/Ministry Supporting Partners

Get access for everyone in your Church or Ministry

Monthly Donation

Minimum Donation: $100
$ 100
  • Digital Locker Access For Leadership
  • 2 Free Gathering Tickets
  • Free Books
  • Discounts