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Deep Roots in Jesus You want to keep being your own sustaining force? Dave Clayton explains that it is possible to spend your whole life in church and never experience deep roots in Jesus. Photo of Dave ClaytonDave Clayton
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood I remember watching Mr. Rogers when I was a kid in the 80’s. I wasn’t an ardent fan, and there was something about the show that as I grew older seemed really hokey and fake to me. That was long before I became a Christian. Now my children and I throughly enjoy Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.... Photo of Jon SherwoodJon Sherwood
Refueling When You’ve Been Rejected Christianity works really well. Some of the time. Cultivating Christian character can help get you a job. Following principles of hard work and self-control can help you pay the rent. Learning patience and kindness can infuse stability into a rocky marriage. Because Christianity enhances our lives so well, we can start to see personal enhancement... Photo of Kevin HollandKevin Holland
A Bible-Believing Person of Science? – Interview with Richard Knopp Is it possible to be a Bible-believing Christian and a believer in modern science at the same time? Listen to Dr. Richard Knopp of RoomforDoubt.com talk about the relationship between faith and science. Photo of Richard KnoppPhoto of Daniel McCoy
Inexhaustible: Leading Worship without Growing Tired A few weeks ago, I was putting together the pieces for a Sunday morning worship service. Though we don’t always plan our services to be strictly thematic, I felt this particular theme was strong and could easily be supported with songs that mirrored that same theme. As any worship leader and musician would admit, when... Photo of Corey ScottCorey Scott
How Do I Discern God’s Voice from the Rest? How do we know when God is speaking? How do we know it is Him and not some misguided internal voice of our own making? When we make big decisions, how can we know we are making the right choices? When I was in high school, I played the trumpet in the jazz band. I... Photo of Joel SingletonJoel Singleton
How God Used My Miscalculation, an Awkward Prophecy, and a Crowded Capital I’m going to tell you 3 stories. Hang with me until the end, and you will see 1) how they fit together, and 2) why you can trust God. Story #1 – A Miscalculation I went to high school at the Rift Valley Technical & Secondary School (RVTS) in Eldoret, Kenya. Students who were admitted... Photo of Stephen MuhotaStephen Muhota
Defeating Anxiety: Not an Either-Or Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? Many Christian leaders (and their followers) do. I’ve written especially for people who doubt their faith, or their faithfulness, because they are taking prescription meds for anxiety or depression. I have also written for those who have rejected medication on the basis that they think it is not within... Photo of Ralph MooreRalph Moore
Letter to a Woman Who Wants to Be a Missionary My dear, passionate, committed, global loving friend, You may feel that there are few who understand your purpose as you embark on this adventure in missions. And many don’t. Don’t get discouraged, though, for there are still some who do, and you’ll find them, little by little. God has set you apart for just the... Photo of Katie WKatie W
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Thank God We Took Our Youth Seriously The majority of churches in the United States have more gray hair, walkers, and oxygen tanks than young people. Churches are dying and closing their doors daily. Many churches are doing little to nothing to ensure that young people know Christ and become committed to his mission of making disciples. Unless we choose to have... Photo of Kerry CoxKerry Cox
Promise Keepers: The Beginning We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ. For this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me. – Col. 1:28-29 I was one of the founding leaders of the Promise Keepers Men’s Movement... Photo of David RoadcupDavid Roadcup
What Is the “Person of Peace”? Jesus instructed his disciples to search for a “worthy” person, or a “person of peace,” when they visited a village (Matthew 10:11; Luke 10:6). They were to “stay” with the worthy person until they left. This person of peace often opened the way for the Gospel to enter one’s social group or even a village.... Photo of Tom MarshallTom Marshall
Behold the Family of God She clung to life with a fierce diligence. It was as though she refused to leave this life before having one last opportunity to see her daughter. To speak important last words. Some would say she willed her heart to keep beating. But those of faith would say it was the grace of God granting... Photo of Debbra StephensDebbra Stephens
I Will Not Put Those Shackles Back On Christianity has a message of freedom. So why do a lot of people experience Christianity as bondage? The early church was tempted to turn Christianity into following Christ plus following numerous nonessential rules. Some early Christians communicated that new believers needed Christ plus circumcision and other cultural add-ons from the Law of Moses. This “Christ... Photo of Orpheus J. HeywardOrpheus J. Heyward
Leading in Confusing Times – Interview with Matt Proctor Leadership has gotten more complicated since our “line leader” days. Especially if you’re leading a Christian college in culturally confusing times. It takes a lot of convictional leadership and personal integrity to lead a college which manages to stay both… Photo of Matt ProctorPhoto of Daniel McCoy
Do You Feel Forgotten? Months ago, I was digging into the story of Hannah from 1 Samuel. Unable to have children, she cried out to the Lord who gave her baby Samuel. It’s an amazing account of her faith and perseverance, as well as God’s love and miracle-working power. Many of us know the story in its entirety, so... Photo of Megan NelmsMegan Nelms
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