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How to Use Preaching for Relational Discipleship Preachers have unique opportunities to develop stronger disciples while also enhancing the quality of their preaching. It often feels as if we must choose between two essential activities in order to get everything done that calls for our attention. Employing the sermonic process as a disciple-making tool accomplishes both, reducing the guilt we often feel... Photo of Chuck SackettChuck Sackett
Baptism: What the Bible Teaches A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING BAPTISM AS A DEFINING COMMITMENT FOR DISCIPLES As church leaders, we see it on people’s faces—they want renewal. Baptism helps disciples and seekers find a renewed faith in Jesus and commitment to following him. The authors… Photo of Tony TwistPhoto of David YoungPhoto of Bobby Harrington
Renewing Your First Thought of the Morning And the first thought of the morning is . . . What is that beeping sound? Wait a second. . . . The second thought is . . . Oh yeah, I was asleep and that’s my alarm. Just like every morning. And now that you’re awake and clearheaded, you arrive at your third thought:... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
Ash on the Altar: Reflecting on Our Affinity for Idols Have you ever read through the Old Testament, muttering, “Why do the Israelites keep setting up shrines to pagan gods?” They trembled at the foot of Mt. Sinai as it burned. They were guided through the wilderness by pillars of fire and smoke. Ample food sprang from the desert wastes for forty years. They experienced... Photo of Adam RiceAdam Rice
What Is a Church? The Who. So, who makes up a church? Interestingly, the use of the Greek word for church (ekklesia) as an intentional assembly is not the only way the word was used in the New Testament. There are two additional ways the word was used that flow out of the primary meaning. First, the word ekklesia is sometimes... Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
The Use of Programs in a Women’s Ministry The use of programs in a women’s ministry can make up a large portion of the work a women’s ministry does. A particular program could be held once a year, quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly. Ladies’ days, craft nights, Bible studies, special seasonal events, and mentoring groups can all classify as a program.... Photo of Anessa WestbrookAnessa Westbrook
Hospitality in Disciple Making Little things can make a tremendous impact. I live in Michigan. This past winter, we had a storm that brought in a mix of rain, ice, wind, snow, and brutal cold. The day the storm hit, I had a wedding to officiate. There was a layer of ice, topped with a few inches of snow,... Photo of Devin RobertsonDevin Robertson
Can Women Serve as Elders in the Church? 5 Questions to Ask about 1 Timothy 3 Disciples of Jesus are facing big challenges in our culture today. One of the difficulties is the increasing cultural accusations of misogyny and patriarchy directed at the local church. If we are honest with ourselves, with this kind of pressure, it is easy to look for a way to re-interpret our understanding of some passages... Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
Who is the God of the Bible? A Foundational Question We Don’t Ask Nearly Enough Who is the God of the Bible? He’s the Creator, responsible for all we see. He’s the One whose majesty is beyond contemplation—we should continually be in awe of Him. He’s the one who shows us love, in spite of ourselves. And He is holy, holy, holy, and therefore worthy of our deepest devotion. A... Photo of Paul HuyghebaertPaul Huyghebaert
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What Is a Church? The What. As I have studied Scripture, I have found that one of the core elements of church comes from the word itself. We can understand this crucial element by noting that the Greek word for “church” in the original Greek manuscripts of the New Testament is the word ekklesia. The word was widely used for several... Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
Step into Scripture: A Daily Journey to Understanding Your Bible A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING, LOVING, AND BEING TRANSFORMED BY SCRIPTURE Perhaps you’ve wanted to read and understand the Bible, but it’s intimidating. Is it really possible for a regular person to understand such a massive, ancient book? And even if… Photo of Tina WilsonTina Wilson
The Great Mother’s Day Temptation What kind of grinch would want to cancel Mother’s Day? As it turns out, the first person to petition to have Mother’s Day canceled wasn’t a grinch at all. She was the person who had invented it. The Origin of Mother’s Day Anna Jarvis was the ninth of eleven children born to Granville and Ann... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
Two Effects the Word of God Can Have on You What effect does the Word of God have on you? It’s not the same for every person. The following is an excerpt from Tina Wilson’s 365-day chronological Bible study Step into Scripture: A Daily Journey to Understanding Your Bible.  Not everyone who hears the Word of God changes for the better. The prophet Isaiah wrote... Photo of Tina WilsonTina Wilson
What Is Expository Preaching? What It Isn’t, What It Is, and Why It Matters What is expository preaching? Rather than a particular method or style, expository preaching is a theological/philosophical approach to preaching which makes a text of Scripture central. Expository preaching builds from discerning a text’s pericope, exegeting it, discerning its form and intent, and exploring appropriate application. Nearly half a century ago, preaching students were introduced to... Photo of Chuck SackettChuck Sackett
A Christian’s Four Mission Fields Global missionaries often use the term “mission field” to describe where they have been called by God to take the gospel. Yet there are actually four “mission fields” followers of Jesus are commanded by God to work in. Each of these fields needs reintegrating into both our individual and church lives. The Bible indicates that... Photo of Andrew JAndrew J
Some Ideas for Reaching Veterans through Your Church In my previous article “A Suffering Group We’ve Largely Forgotten,” I addressed the way in which the church has struggled to provide holistic care for the military veterans within our communities. I am both a lead minister and a veteran, and I am passionate about mobilizing churches to minister to veterans; after all, you would... Photo of Chris LakeChris Lake
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