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When God Disciplines You When something goes drastically wrong in our lives, we often wonder why God is punishing us. But some painful experiences are just an inevitable part of living in a fallen world. God does not cause all our hurts any more than a loving parent causes a child learning to ride a bike to take a... Photo of Bob RussellBob Russell
Christian Parenting Is the Passing On of an Inheritance It was a fortune. And it took a lifetime to accrue. Each deposit was hard-earned and each gain represented so much more than just the end result. Fortuitous experiences, painful losses, and generous blessings given from both friends and strangers all contributed. Altogether it amassed a treasure that could leave a multigenerational impact, one that... Photo of Kurt BuhrKurt Buhr
A Brief History of the Bible: From Creation to Now You’ve probably heard it said before that the Bible is God’s word. While that’s true, there’s more to the story. God’s word encompasses more than just the Bible. God’s word is everything that He has ever spoken, written, and inspired people to speak and write. God has spoken through creation, in what is often referred... Photo of Jonathan CieckaJonathan Ciecka
4 Observations from the Frontlines of Disciple Making A lot of the people who frequent Renew.org are senior or lead pastors, campus pastors, or on staff at a church. I am a bit of an odd duck. While I have been ordained and have gone to seminary, I like to think of myself more than anything else as a “disciple maker.” I like... Photo of William ButtWilliam Butt
A 3-Step Process for Reading the Bible – Q&A with Orpheus J. Heyward *Editor’s Note: Reading the Bible can be daunting. It helps to have steps in mind which help make the process of Bible reading understandable. I recently caught up with Dr. Orpheus J. Heyward, a minister, scholar, and teacher of Bible interpretation (hermeneutics) to get his thoughts on how we can bridge the gap between the... Photo of Orpheus J. HeywardOrpheus J. Heyward
There Are Two Crosses in the Life of a Christian There are two crosses in the life of every true Christian: the cross on which Jesus suffered and died, and the cross on which we must suffer and die to self. Receiving Jesus is free; we need only to accept His free gift of eternal life. To do that, however, we must repent, turn from... Photo of Curtis SergeantCurtis Sergeant
Resurrection: From Fuzzy Hope to Living Reality *Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from a book by Dr. Scott Sager called Jesus in Isolation: Lazarus, Viruses, and Us. In the book, Sager delves into the story of Jesus and the raising of Lazarus. One of the moments in the story is when Martha, whose brother Lazarus has died, speaks candidly about... Photo of Scott SagerScott Sager
What Are 5 Things People Want from God That Don’t Exist? Did you know that a lot of people want non-things? Here are 5 non-things which will make you dissatisfied if you pursue them. The other videos in this series include the Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part… Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
What Sets Jesus Apart? What sets Jesus apart from other would-be Saviors, Messiahs, and Lords? What, if anything, is unique about “Christianity”—the way of life that seeks to honor Christ’s name? Many people say his teachings, but that’s not quite true. Lots of folks have delved deeply into God’s design for human life, even if they never put it... Photo of Michael DeFazioMichael DeFazio
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Good Friday: Buffet or Cafeteria? I had just spent a week in Mexico on a high school mission trip. We crossed back over the border and stopped at a restaurant where we could enjoy familiar food. Best of all, we were told that the meal was a gift: the leaders of the trip were covering the cost. Now, I had... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
Losing My Faith in Progressive Christianity: The Three Unforgivable Sins — Drinking, Smoking, and Cussing (Part 3) *Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 in a series on leaving progressive Christianity by Dave Stovall, worship leader and former lead singer of Wavorly and band member of Audio Adrenaline. He describes how his journey into progressive Christianity left him dissatisfied and how he found the road to a more sustainable, faithful faith. Here’s Part... Photo of Dave StovallDave Stovall
The Historical Evidence for the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus – Evidence for Easter (Part 3) *Editor’s Note: “The Historical Evidence for the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus” was originally released in 2019 and we’re bringing it back to everyone’s attention at an opportune moment. Well received when first published, it’s especially timely at Easter and although it’s part 3 in its original series, it stands alone as well worth... Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
Why Should Christians Learn World Religions? Why should everyday Christians bother to learn the basics about other religions? Here are three reasons you should consider. Clarify the Facts It’s too easy to misunderstand other religions. On the one hand, some writers will make religions seem more similar than they really are. Such authors fudge the facts in order to bring about... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
Mirage #5: I Want to Find Freedom through Sin Where does freedom really come from? This video based on Daniel McCoy’s Mirage: 5 Things People Want from God That Don’t Exist examines the desire that people have to find freedom outside of the moral boundaries God has set up.… Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
Worship Leader Q&A: How Do You Lead the Skeptic? *Editor’s Note: Not everyone who comes to church is convinced that the worship songs are true. Songs about God’s goodness and faithfulness strike some people as a mismatch to their experience. Recently I got to host a conversation with four worship leaders about how to lead people in worship who are skeptical about God or... Photo of Corey ScottPhoto of Dave StovallPhoto of Luke McCoyPhoto of Shawn Frazier
Caring for God’s Ultimate Creation Days five and six of the creation account were special: God made living, breathing creatures to move over the earth–in the sea and sky on the fifth day and over the land on the sixth. When we continue to consider how to care for God’s creation, we know the non-breathing aspects like vegetation, water, and... Photo of Taffeta ChimeTaffeta Chime
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