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Developing a Prayer and Fasting Culture: A Q&A with David Roadcup and Bobby Harrington Is your church waking up from the uneasy peace we have often made with the way things are? Are you and your church ready to move beyond maintaining membership rolls to seriously pursuing revival? For Christians ready for revival, it’s time to reintroduce the spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting—not as sporadic regularities but as... Photo of David RoadcupPhoto of Bobby Harrington
Reasons Why Adolescents Attempt Suicide There are a number of reasons why a teen might make a suicide attempt. The following are a summary of some of the most common.[1] To escape from an intolerable situation. It is important to note that “intolerable” might be anything in the mind of a developing adolescent. Any time a teen feels hopeless and... Photo of Gary ZustiakGary Zustiak
A Snapshot of a Disciple Making Relationship When it comes to making disciples, one of the areas that can be confusing is the relationship between people. Ultimately walking with others the way Jesus did is messy and personal. It’s all up in your time and business. There is a need for healthy boundaries at the same time, but a lot of questions... Photo of Stan RoddaStan Rodda
Critical Race Theory: Friend or Foe? Critical race theory (CRT). What have you heard about it? What do you think about it? What in the world is it? CRT has been in the news a lot lately. President Trump has recently banned its use in diversity training in federal agencies. We didn’t get a single question about Chinese persecution of religious minorities... Photo of Chad RagsdaleChad Ragsdale
Church Leader, We Are So Thankful for You Dear friends, If you’re a church leader in 2020, wherever you have served, it has been a tough year. Well done. When we think of you, these words of Paul come to mind: “We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers. We remember before our God and Father... Photo of Bobby HarringtonPhoto of Marcos MercadoPhoto of Jason HendersonPhoto of Michelle EaglePhoto of Mike RosserPhoto of Daniel McCoy
Don’t Quench the Holy Spirit. Follow His Prompts. The moment was like one of those Mission Impossible movies: Your mission, should you choose to accept, is….  But let me start at the beginning. It was the middle of March, 2020, a couple weeks before lockdowns or mask mandates, and stores were running out of food. I was in danger of running out of... Photo of Luke GrayLuke Gray
Discipling Group for a Pandemic? At Renew.org we believe that Jesus-style disciple making is the core mission of the church. It includes reaching lost people (evangelism) and forming people into the image of Jesus (maturation). But how do we make disciples when we are having trouble even gathering with the church? Many people are joining online instead of in person.... Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
What Does God Think about My Mental Disorder? “As he was passing by, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” Jesus answered. “This came about so that God’s works might be displayed in him (John 9:1-3). Disclaimer: I am... Photo of William ButtWilliam Butt
Lessons from the Church in Germany: Tsunami Q: Remind me of how influential German thinkers have been. Germany has always been on the cutting edge of various kinds of progress. For example, in the early 1900s, Germany was the most technologically advanced country in the world. Their engineering was way ahead of America’s and Britain’s. When I think of influential theologians, Germany... Photo of Brett SeyboldBrett Seybold
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Sermon on the Mount: What Is God’s Answer to the Problem of Evil? Everyone knows what it is to suffer. It’s just part of the human experience. Someone once made the observation that, no matter how diverse our cultures may be, you can always relate to a person on the level of suffering. It’s universal. We all speak that language. At least one major religion–Buddhism–takes suffering as its... Photo of Jeremy BaconJeremy Bacon
Did Religion Come from God or Us? Interview with Winfried Corduan (Part 2) *Editor’s Note: Where did religion come from in the beginning? Was it something that humans created which later evolved into belief in one supreme God (monotheism)? Or is it possible that monotheism was the original religion which later religions deviated from? I recently caught up with a dear friend and exceptional scholar named Winfried Corduan.... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
How Can We Treat the Bible like Jesus Did? In times of increasing skepticism about the Bible’s authority, we need to return to who Jesus is and how he viewed the Bible. (See articles 1 and 2 here.) How can we treat the Bible like Jesus did? We respond as Jesus did: We submit to Scripture by believing and acting on it. Believing It... Photo of Renée SprolesRenée Sproles
Can a Pastor of 5,000 Understand a Church of 150? We at Renew.org are attempting something risky. We are hoping to convince church leaders of all church sizes to consider learning a church model from a church of 5,000. But isn’t that precisely the reason so many Christian conferences feel out-of-touch? How many conferences feature megachurch pastors explaining to small-church pastors what has worked so... Photo of Renew.orgRenew.org
On Gender and the Bible: One Church’s Real-World Fight (Part 8) (This is Part 8 of our series “On Gender and the Bible. For context, see articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.) Blinding lights swing and sway across a massive Vegas venue. Deafening stadium anthems play at eardrum-bursting decibels. The bass is not heard as much as it is felt, rattling your lungs. Suddenly the lights and... Photo of Jared EllisJared Ellis
Lessons from the Church in Germany: Post-Christianity *Editor’s Note: As a missionary in Germany for a decade, Brett Seybold has been a student of the trends of post-Christian Europe and how these trends affect the church in North America. Although Brett loves Germany, his sober assessment of the German relationship with biblical Christianity is realistic and contains many lessons for the North... Photo of Brett SeyboldBrett Seybold
An Authentic Experience Can we be inviting to outsiders and faithful to the Bible? It is not only possible, but you can see this culture lived out in your personal life and in your local church. As a church planter and pastor, Corey Trimble and… Photo of Corey TrimbleCorey Trimble
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