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Fasting: A Surprising Journey into Joy Growing up, we were Christmas and Easter pew warmers and that was only if we didn’t have family in town. When I was in high school, my mom and I attended more regularly, but I never remember hearing anything about fasting, at church or at home. If someone had told me that they fasted for... Photo of Michelle EagleMichelle Eagle
Formula for Growing Up Baby Christians Do you have any Christians in your church who should be way past the baby stage, but they’re not? Unfortunately, this article is not mainly about them. The question here is, have you ever found yourself acting immaturely, like a spiritual infant, when you should know better? When you take an introspective look, do you recall times when... Photo of Anthony WalkerAnthony Walker
Image The more we get to know God, the more we can see His image in us. Photo of Jon KehrerJon Kehrer
Don’t Plant Flowers in the Desert “If the home is deserving, let your peace rest on it; if it is not, let your peace return to you. If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.” – Jesus, Matthew 10:13-14 Note: What I am about to share... Photo of Paul HuyghebaertPaul Huyghebaert
Meek If you were going to illustrate the word “meek” by using one of God’s animal creatures, which one would you choose? A mouse? A chicken? The lowly turtle? Perhaps you would choose the dodo bird—stupidly waiting to be clubbed into extinction! It may surprise you to know that the Greeks used this word to describe... Photo of Kenny BolesKenny Boles
3 Dilemmas, 2 Discoveries, and 1 Desire: My Thoughts on Matthew Bates’s Gospel Allegiance When you’re throwing a baseball, you’re not expected to pause and look down, studying the baseball’s texture, memorizing the train track curve of the threads, contemplating its shape and weight before throwing it. You just catch it and throw it. When it comes to words, however, we do well to pause and consider the terms... Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
3 Reasons Why I (Still) Serve in Student Ministry Kids these days. In my four-ish years of serving in student ministry, I’ve learned it’s not for the faint of heart. I’ve wanted to quit. I’ve felt like a failure. So, here’s why I’m convinced you should try it. #1 – Because It’s Hard. I was fresh out of college when I began volunteering with... Photo of Emily AndrewsEmily Andrews
Can ANY Christian Become a Disciple Maker? As we look at those who made disciples in the New Testament, it’s clear that disciple making isn’t limited to certain personality types, careers, callings, or ages. We don’t really know the variety of vocations and personality types in the New Testament, but we know that: Peter—was outspoken and impulsive. Barnabas— was warm and accepting.... Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
Apple of God’s Eye Next time you find yourself in need of God’s protection Photo of Jon KehrerJon Kehrer
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3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Lawn Care I am thankful to have grown up in Southeast Kansas. We reference the region because most people have never heard of the hometowns that interrupt the landscape. Because weeds were numerous, moisture was optional, and weather was temperamental, lawn care for many was summed up in one word: “mow.” Now that I live in Iowa,... Photo of Mark McCoyMark McCoy
Courage in the Storm (Part 2) For part 1, click here. Let’s review: By the end of Acts, Paul has spent two years in prison for something he didn’t do. Since he wanted to go to Rome, he appealed to Caesar. But, on his way as a prisoner to Rome, the ship wrecked near the island of Malta. After making it safely... Photo of Rick AtchleyRick Atchley
Courage in the Storm (Part 1) I have two irrational fears. The first is boats. The other one is snakes. Now, to be fair, I only hate three kinds of snakes. I hate big snakes, and I hate little snakes. And I hate sticks that look like snakes. Second, I hate boats. Here’s why. When I was a young boy, my... Photo of Rick AtchleyRick Atchley
The Loss of a Child and the Perpetual Comfort of Nain There is a pain unimaginable to some . . . yet brutal reality for others. The wound? The one inflicted by the agonizing loss of a child. We grapple for comforting words, struck dumb for a response. Offering an attentive ear is likely better. Our silent presence often proves preferable. It’s then we need to... Photo of Debbra StephensDebbra Stephens
Accidental Thinking Sometimes we can learn so much about the Bible that we accidentally think . . . Photo of Matt ProctorMatt Proctor
Sustained by a Story I grew up in a very hospitable home. There were always people at my house. When company would come over, all the furniture was moved out into a massive circle in the living room and there, my father would entertain dozens with his stories. I remember sneaking into the living room, leaving my friends and... Photo of Jared EllisJared Ellis
The Perfect Lie of Discipleship Congratulations! You want to disciple someone. There is no greater ministry work than helping another to trust and follow Jesus. If you read Titus 2, you’ll discover all the ways you can teach another woman to love the Lord. Assisting the Lord to grow another woman in faith is the most rewarding ministry of all.... Photo of Joanne KraftJoanne Kraft
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