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I am the lead guy at both and

Both organizations champion Jesus-style disciple making. focuses on Jesus’ disciple making method. focuses on Jesus’ teachings and method. is broader, for a larger Evangelical audience. I am committed to it because I am called to champion Jesus-style disciple making methods and to follow the ecumenical and inclusive spirit that Jesus teaches us to uphold (John 17:20-21). takes to heart words traced back to Dallas Willard: the Jesus we preach, the gospel we uphold, and the faith we coach will determine the disciple we get. What that means is that invites everyone in, but also takes a stand on theological issues and so, on their own accord, more people will opt-out because of our understanding of Jesus’ specific teachings compared to the’s focus on method.

Renew upholds the infallibility of scripture, the necessity of a faithful-faith (allegiance), and all the teachings of Jesus – even when they are culturally unpopular. For this reason it will end up with a more narrow audience, but paradoxically, I believe it may prove, long term, to be an important foundation for a sustained disciple making movement because it also provides conviction on important theological specifics of what it means to trust and follow Jesus.

Both of these organizations have upcoming gathering events the first week of November (they are deliberately back-to-back for out of town people). I have been asked how the lineup of speakers for the Gathering compare to the lineup of speakers for The National Disciple Making Forum. I have to say they are both equally strong. But if you are looking more for Rock-solid theology in service of disciple making, then note, this is a unique focus of the Renew Gathering.

Renew has an incredible line up for the Gathering Nov. 6th!

Praise and Worship and Prayer (we devote 10% of the day to prayer) led by …

George Pendergrass – is formerly of the professional performance group Acapella.

Dave Stovall – worship leader and a former member of the Christian music group Audio Adrenaline.

Tony Twist – the president of TCMI, an influential seminary-based in Indianapolis and Vienna, Austria. Tony is a cofounder of Renew.

Main Session Speakers (our theme is Gospel Allegiance – based upon Romans 1:16-17)

Mark Moore – a teaching pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, which is a church with over 35,000 in weekly attendance. He is also the author of the best-selling book Core 52.

Matt Proctor – the president of Ozark Christian College. Matt and Ozark are widely respected among leaders of Independent Christian churches.

Dave Clayton – the founder and lead teacher at Ethos Church in Nashville, a church of around 3000, with 80% of attendees under 30.

Matthew Bates, PhD – a young and highly respected evangelical New Testament scholar. We will focus on his just published book Gospel Allegiance.

Shodankeh Johnson – internationally sought-after-catalytic leader of a disciple making movements – the movement he started has hundreds of thousands of people in Africa.

Jim Putman – the founder and catalytic leader of Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, ID and a founder and chief vision catalyst of the Relational Discipleship Network. Real Life Ministries is a church with over 5000 people in attendance and they have planted around 10 churches, most of which have become mega churches with a disciple making focus.

Orpheus Heyward – an influential African American church leader from Renaissance Church of Christ, a mega church in the Atlanta area.

Marcos Mercado – a Latino church leader and church planter from Delaware, who builds churches with an emphasis on marriage ministry.

Joanne Kraft – a national author, speaker and leader of

David Young – a church leader, author, and vision catalyst of the highly influential North Boulevard Church of Christ in Murfreesboro TN. David is a co-founder of Renew and the New Day Conference.

Some of the Workshops/Classes …

Brett Andrews – Church Planting – the founder and lead minister of New Life Christian Church in Washington DC. A church that has planted over 265 other churches in the US and is a founder of the exponential conference. Brett is a cofounder of Renew.

Gary Johnson – Elders – a founder of E2 elders and the former lead pastor of Indian Creek Christian Church, a church with over 4000 in attendance and a large circle of influence.

Guy Hammond – LGBTQ Issues – the founder and leader of Strength in Weakness Ministries. Guy himself, is a same sex attracted man who provides guidance for on LGBTQ issues to churches around the world.

Rick Oster – Gospel Allegiance – a widely respected New Testament Scholar who has taught at Harding School of Theology for over 40 years. Rick is a cofounder of Renew.

Christian Ray Flores – Social Media Evangelism – a church and business leader from Austin TX, he is also a former Russian rock star and leader of churches in Russia and Ukraine. Christian Ray is a cofounder of Renew.

If you have any questions about either Gathering, email us at


Want fresh teachings and disciple making content? Sign up to receive a weekly newsletters highlighting our resources and new content to help equip you in your disciple making journey. We’ll also send you emails with other equipping resources from time to time.

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