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Top 10 Articles in 2021

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In our list of the most-read articles which published in 2021, you’ll notice a common thread through many of them: it’s the theme of VS. You’ll see progressive Christianity VS historic Christianity. LGBTQ+ activism VS biblical views of sexuality. Marxism VS Western civilization.

We aren’t out to be pugnacious or pick fights, but we are dedicated to pointing out the fights which currently challenge our faith. As disciples of Jesus, we’ve been given “the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people” (Jude 1:3). Ever since the first century, Christianity has faced counterfeits and competitors. Throughout 2021, we have had the perennial challenge of discerning how to lead with compassion while guarding our convictions amid complex cultural debates.

“…the perennial challenge of discerning how to lead with compassion while guarding our convictions…”

Here are the most-read articles published in 2021, followed by a shorter list of the articles which drew the most attention in 2021, but which were published prior to 2021.

2021’s Most-Read Articles Published in 2021

#1 – Losing My Faith…in Progressive Christianity (Part 1), by Dave Stovall

#2 – The Equality Act: The Background, Battle, and Our Beliefs, by

#3 – 5 Insights Jason Whitlock Has Given Me About Being a Disciple of Jesus, by Bobby Harrington

#4 – The Long March through the Institutions of Society, by Bobby Harrington

#5 – On Gender and the Bible: A Summary (Part 12), by Bobby Harrington & Renée Sproles

#6 – We’re about to Make a Big Mistake – Reflections on Rebecca McLaughlin’s “The Secular Creed,” by Daniel McCoy

#7 – What’s the Difference between Mission and Missions? by Andrew J

#8 – 5 Bible Verses on My Mind as I Watch Afghanistan Crumble, by Daniel McCoy

#9 – 5 Types of Miracles, by Richard Knopp

#10 – Ted Lasso, Cancel Culture, and the New Persecution, by Chad Harrington

2021’s Most-Read Articles Published before 2021

#1 – On Gender and the Bible: What John Mark Hicks and Scot McKnight Get Right and Wrong (Part 1), by Renée Sproles, Rick Oster, Bobby Harrington, Daniel McCoy

#2 – What Is the “Person of Peace”? by Tom Marshall

#3 – Rabbis and Their Disciples between the 1st Century B.C. and the 2nd Century A.D., by Joseph Shulam

#4 – Accepting LGBTQ+ Lifestyles for Disciples of Jesus: A Response to Sally Gary and the CenterPeace Ministries Decision to be Pro Gay, by Guy Hammond

#5 – The Historical Evidence for the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus – Evidence for Easter (Part 3), by Bobby Harrington