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Truth About God: What Can We Know and How Can We Know It?

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Richard Knopp

Richard Knopp (MA, MDiv, PhD) is the Program Director of Room For Doubt, Program Director of WorldViewEyes, and Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University. Room For Doubt seeks to encourage questions, address doubts, and strengthen Christian faith. WorldViewEyes helps teens and young adults understand and embrace a Christian worldview. Rich's special interests and publications focus on different worldviews, Christian ethics, and the relationship between Christianity and science. His multimedia presentations have been attended by about 80,000 youth and adults at academic events and numerous church-related conferences and conventions. He is also an accomplished vocal soloist, actor, and athlete.
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Whether you’re a believer in God or a skeptic of his existence, you want your beliefs to rest on a solid foundation of truth. Truth About God shows surprisingly strong evidence that God exists and explains what he is like. As part of the Real Life Theology series, this book clarifies how we have the ability to do theology in the first place. What can we know about God? Can we have confidence about our beliefs even when we do not have 100 percent certainty about them? Without solid answers to these questions, confusion can dominate and cause our faith to shipwreck. As Truth About God explains, we are not left in the dark about God.

If you’re wondering how to communicate the truth about God in a pluralistic society that’s confused about the nature of truth claims, Truth About God is an essential read.

— J. Warner Wallace, author of Cold-Case Christianity 

Don’t let the small size of this book fool you; it brims with life-changing information about the God who made us and who loves us beyond belief!

— Mark Mittelberg, best-selling author of Confident Faith 

Dr. Knopp is always brilliant and insightful, but it comes through so powerfully in Truth About God. This is a tremendous gift to help us stand strong in our battles.

— Jud Wilhite, Senior Pastor, Central Church, Las Vegas