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New Birth: Conversion and Baptism

Photo of Michael StricklandMichael Strickland | Bio

Michael Strickland

Michael is Director of Instruction and Professor of Theology at Amridge University. His PhD is in Theology from the University of Birmingham, UK (2012). He teaches courses related to Theology, New Testament, Church History, Apologetics and Hermeneutics as well as undergraduate mathematics. He serves as a deacon at the North Boulevard Church of Christ in Murfreesboro, TN. Michael's newest books are David Young and Michael Strickland, The Rhetoric of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark (Fortress Press, 2017) and William Fowler and Michael Strickland, The Influence of Ezekiel and The Fourth Gospel (Brill, 2018).
Photo of Anessa WestbrookAnessa Westbrook | Bio

Anessa Westbrook

Anessa Westbrook (DMin) is Associate Professor of Bible and Ministry at Harding University. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Church Growth and a Master of Divinity from Harding School of Theology. Her doctoral research at Fuller Theological Seminary focused on the spiritual development of women.
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Why do we need a spiritual “new birth”? How is it even possible? The concept sounded strange to Jesus’ audience. It can sound even stranger in our day, when many wonder why good people need it—and how bad people could still deserve it. Yet Jesus knew (and we know too) that we humans are deeply flawed. We need a new beginning. In New Birth, Strickland and Westbrook walk through our need for a new birth and the way to be born again, according to Jesus. What is the point of baptism? Why do we need to repent? This book guides readers to know what the Bible teaches about the why and how of being born again.

This book equips disciple makers to teach baptism from a biblical foundation.

— Brett Andrews, founding pastor of New Life Christian Church

This book establishes the necessary doctrinal foundation for a global movement of disciple making in a clear and solid way.

— Brandon Guindon, founding pastor of Real Life Texas, Houston, TX

This well-written book will help those thinking about becoming Christians and deepen the understanding of those who are already Christians.

— Dr. Sherry Pollard, Professor, Harding University