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You Are With Me In life there is darkness but we don’t need to fear. Not because of our power but because of His presence. Please enjoy another Renew.org Features from Ozark Christian College. Photo of Jon KehrerJon Kehrer
The Lord is My Shepherd Why is the Lord called a shepherd? Why would an almighty, all powerful God choose to be a called a shepherd? With this post we begin a new series called Renew.org Features. This video is one in a series by… Photo of Jon KehrerJon Kehrer
From Hurt to Healing Kevin explains how those we are closest to can hurt us the most. On the other side of that hurt, however, lies something stronger when we allow God to help. Photo of Kevin HollandKevin Holland
Start where Jesus starts…with respect. More than half of Americans claim they have a relationship with God. It can be hard sometimes to tell if this is true. One sure way to tell that it isn’t? A lack of respect. David Hunzicker explains… Photo of David HunzickerDavid Hunzicker
They’re Different…That’s Church Even if a church doesn’t look good or sound good it can penetrate if the Word is preached with power; acknowledging and responding to the Holy Spirit. When its membership lives differently and in loving fellowship it can be irresistible. Photo of Christian Ray FloresChristian Ray Flores
First Century Tombs Although it is impossible to know for sure if Constantine’s officials identified the exact tomb of Jesus in the early 300s, we have every reason to think we have access to the location they believed was Jesus’ tomb. We are… Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
Caiaphas’ House The Bible tells us that Caiaphas was the Jewish high priest under whom Jesus stood trial. Matthew 26:57 describes it this way: ”Those who had arrested Jesus took him to Caiaphas the high priest, where the teachers of the law and the… Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
Introducing Renew We want to Renew the teachings of Jesus to fuel discipleship. Jesus came with a message and a mission. It just doesn’t make sense to create your own, self-inspired theology if you truly want to trust and follow Him. Photo of Renew.orgRenew.org
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We are disciples of Jesus from various ethnicities, generations, nations, and communities and we champion all of Jesus’ teachings for disciple-making and disciple making movements.