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A Global Awakening “What makes us fully alive and fully human is to care for others, love them, and lead a selfless life. That would be a good lesson to learn.” Photo of Christian Ray FloresChristian Ray Flores
Paralyzed or Mobilized? In this cultural moment, it is natural for us to be paralyzed with uncertainty. Yet the Bible shows us a better way forward. Photo of Christian Ray FloresChristian Ray Flores
Virtual Services – 10 Tips for Highest Impact In light of Covid-19 restrictions, how do you do virtual church effectively? Christian Ray Flores, a Renew.org founding member, is both church planter and expert marketer. Here, Christian gives 10 helpful tips on how to do online church with highest… Photo of Christian Ray FloresChristian Ray Flores
Kingdom VS Democracy Just what did you sign up for when you became a citizen of Jesus’ Kingdom? And how much authority is given to your opinions and inclinations? Photo of Renee SprolesRenee Sproles
Deep Roots in Jesus You want to keep being your own sustaining force? Dave Clayton explains that it is possible to spend your whole life in church and never experience deep roots in Jesus. Photo of Dave ClaytonDave Clayton
The Holy Spirit Is Doing What the Holy Spirit Does Have you heard that Christianity is on its way out? Don’t believe it for a second. Photo of David YoungDavid Young
Peace Would it be nice to experience full, complete, at-rest-ness? Photo of Jon KehrerJon Kehrer
Image The more we get to know God, the more we can see His image in us. Photo of Jon KehrerJon Kehrer
Apple of God’s Eye Next time you find yourself in need of God’s protection Photo of Jon KehrerJon Kehrer
Accidental Thinking Sometimes we can learn so much about the Bible that we accidentally think . . . Photo of Matt ProctorMatt Proctor
God Does Not Want You to Deal with Your Stuff Alone No one ever wants to repent, but once you do . . . Photo of Christian Ray FloresChristian Ray Flores
God Can Even Use Fleas “Even God cannot make me thankful for fleas.” Photo of Mark MooreMark Moore
Devotion to Each Other “That’s not an option…” Photo of Kevin HollandKevin Holland
What If the Church Just Goes? Whose job is it to fix all the broken things? Who can we turn to? Where can we find an answer? What if it is with us already? What if the church goes? Photo of Matt StiegerMatt Stieger
Russian Roulette with Your Soul Are the flames literal? Figurative? Here’s something we know for sure… Photo of Orpheus J. HeywardOrpheus J. Heyward
Your Shepherd’s Plan How does the Lord’s shepherding effect you? Today, where you are? Enjoy another Renew.org Features from Ozark Christian College. Photo of Jon KehrerJon Kehrer
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