Real Life Theology Videos

'Grand Metanarrative' by Tony Twist & Mihai Malancea

The Power of Stories
Answering Questions with stories
A Metanarrative of Renewal
Theology starts here
Author Q&A

'God's Word' by Orpheus J. Heyward

What is the Old Testament?
What is the New Testament?
How Did we get our Bible?
How do we interpret the Bible?
How is the BIble our final authority?
Author Q&A

'Christian Convictions' by Chad Ragsdale

Does it really matter what I believe?
WHat is the difference between essential, important, and personal elements?
What are the essentials of biblical christianity?
how should we treat elements of our faith that are not essential?
How should we treat those who disagree with us?
Author Q&A

'The Gospel Precisely' by Matthew W. Bates

What is the gospel?
Why do we need royal good news?
How is Jesus' kingship beneficial?
Who is the God of the gospel?
How do we share the gospel?
Author Q&A

'Faithful Faith' by Mark E. Moore

What is faith?
Why is faith a necessary response to grace?
How does Jesus call us to both salvation & discipleship?
WHat is faith without works?
How does faith respond to the enthronement of King Jesus?

'New Birth' by Michael Strickland & Anessa Westbrook

Why is a new birth necessary?
What does it mean to place our faith in Jesus?
WHat does it mean to repent?
What does it mean to confess Jesus as Lord?
What does it mean to be baptized for the forgiveness of our sins?
Author Q&A

'Holy Spirit' by David Young

What is a Spirit?
How does the Holy Spirit move us toward Jesus?
What does it mean for the Holy Spirit to live within us?
How does the Holy Spirit make us like Jesus?
How do we seek the Holy Spirit's leadership in our lives?

'Disciple Making' by Bobby Harrington & Scott Sager

Why are the teachings & Life of Jesus important for disciple making?
What is a disciple of Jesus?
Why is disciple making the core mission of the church?
What is the result of disciple making?
How do disciples live in this world?
Author Q&A

'Kingdom Life' by Kelvin Teamer

What is the kingdom of GOd?
What does the Kingdom of God look like through the church?
What is holiness and why is it important?
What is love and why is it important?
how does the church express love to the world?
author Q&A

'Countercultural Living' by Carol M. Swain

How should we view human life?
How should we view marriage?
How should we view races & ethnicities?
How should we view gender?
How should we view materialism?

'The End' by Gary L. Johnson

Why is the second coming of Jesus so important?
What is the final judgment?
What future awaits the unrepentant?
WHat is the promise of the new heaven and new earth?
How can I help others to be prepared for the end of time?
Author Q&A

'Truth About God' by Richard Knopp

How can we know truth about God?
What truth can we know about God?
Doubt & knowing truth about God
Truth about God in nature
Truth about God in special revelation
Author Q&A