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Top 10 Articles in 2022

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So, what does the Bible say about…? As we look through’s most-read articles in 2022, it’s clear that a lot of people want biblical clarity on complicated topics. Whether the topic is sexuality, addiction, preborn life, or spiritual abuse, we need a lot more than our own intuition or other people’s opinions. We need truth from the One who set up reality in the first place. We’re so grateful to get to help the brave people seeking biblical clarity in a rapidly post-Christian culture.

It’s also clear that people want to know what the Bible really says about these topics. Our readers don’t want the quick, easy answers that feel right for a minute until more info emerges. They want to know what the Bible really teaches. At RENEW, we’re committed to digging to the often-complicated truth and offering it to people in a loving tone. We’re serious about being a trustworthy source in confusing times.

“We’re so grateful to get to help the brave people seeking biblical clarity in a rapidly post-Christian culture.”

So, here are the 10 most-read articles which published in 2022, followed by a shorter list of the 5 most-read articles in 2022 published before 2022. Hope you find these helpful!

2022’s Most-Read Articles Published in 2022

#1 – “Is Gambling a Sin? An Honest Exploration from a Christian Perspective,” by Daniel McCoy

#2 – “The Devil Comes to Steal, Kill, and Destroy—and What This Says about False Teaching,” by Daniel McCoy

#3 – “Getting to Enough: Lessons from Leah in the Bible,” by Bonnie Blaylock

#4 – “What Is a Biblical Worldview? Definitions, Dilemmas, and Dangers,” by Bobby Harrington & Daniel McCoy

#5 – “Complementarian VS Egalitarian: 10 Questions for Egalitarian Church Leaders,” by Bobby Harrington, Renée Sproles, Daniel McCoy

#6 – “Why Not Abortion? An Answer to My Teenage Daughter,” by Chad Ragsdale

#7 – “Twisted Scriptures: 5 Bible Verses Taken out of Context,” by Emily Richardson

#8 – “Understanding the Pressures of the LGBTQ Movement in Five Decade-Centered Shifts,” by Paul Huyghebaert

#9 – “Sword of the Spirit: How the Word of God Puts Satan on Defense,” by Daniel McCoy

#10 – “Spiritual Abuse: 4 Twisted Values That Enable Churches to Hurt People,” by Daniel McCoy

2022’s Most-Read Articles Published before 2022

#1 – “New Testament Writers: Who Were They?” by John Whittaker

#2 – “5 Types of Miracles,” by Richard Knopp

#3 – “The Historical Evidence for the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus,” by Bobby Harrington

#4 – “Why Rhett & Link’s Deconversion Feels So Right,” by Daniel McCoy

#5 – “Sermon on the Mount: Crowds or Disciples,” by Jeremy Bacon