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Top 10 Articles in 2020

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An eventful 2020 has been a year for Christians to live out compassion, get creative, and think hard. We are grateful that so many of you have engaged with our website to help navigate a perplexing year.

This year, we at have wrestled with how we can live out a faithful and effective faith in a bizarre year which God alone saw coming. The following are some of the results of this wrestling. Of the hundreds of articles published in the year 2020, the following were the most read.

We hope you find them helpful:

#1 – On Gender and the Bible: What John Mark Hicks and Scot McKnight Get Right and Wrong, by Renée Sproles, Rick Oster, Bobby Harrington, and Daniel McCoy (Part 1 of an Ongoing Series)

#2 – Accepting LGBTQ+ Lifestyles for Disciples of Jesus: A Response to Sally Gary and the CenterPeace Ministries Decision to Be Pro-Gay, by Guy Hammond

#3 – Doubting the Doubter: On the Deconversion of Hawk Nelson’s Jon Steingard, by Daniel McCoy

#4 – Racism Cuts Deep & Confronting Racism in the Church: A 2-Part Conversation with Anthony Walker, by Anthony Walker and Daniel McCoy

#5 – The Gospel Coalition, Matthew Bates, and, by

#6 – Why Rhett & Link’s Deconversion Feels So Right, by Daniel McCoy

#7 – Home Alone: Surviving the Pandemic for Married Couples, by David Young

#8 – Reaching the Next Generation Using the Methods of Jesus, by Kerry Cox

#9 – What Is the “Person of Peace”? by Tom Marshall

#10 – What’s a Biblical Disciple to Do with Trump? by Daniel McCoy and Bobby Harrington