The Disciple’s Mind: Thinking Like a Disciple of Jesus




Why should we devote time to becoming a better thinker? Is it to be the most interesting person in the room? To dominate the ideological opposition? To cultivate confidence?

Or this: the better we think, the more we become like Jesus.

What our world needs is serious disciples of King Jesus. If you desire Christlikeness in yourself and the people you lead, then let Jesus disciple your minds. A concise, punchy guidebook, The Disciple’s Mind walks you through core how tos for discipleship of the mind, including how to spot toxic ideas, cultivate intellectual virtues, think redemptively, disagree graciously, and seek the Holy Spirit’s renewal of our minds.

Your thoughts powerfully guide your life’s direction. The Disciple’s Mind will help set your thoughts in the direction of true life.

I’ve known Daniel McCoy and Chad Ragsdale for twenty years, and I can say three things: they’re faithful Christ-followers, they’re fun and engaging communicators, and you’ll find no better guides on “the road less stupid.”

—Matt Proctor, president, Ozark Christian College

A must-read for anyone dedicated to the discipleship of young Christians in today’s challenging world.

—Jayson French, president, Christ in Youth

This book is desperately needed. Its incisive analysis of Scripture and society helps to diagnose and destroy a disease that deteriorates our churches and dwarfs our discipleship.

—Richard A. Knopp, PhD, executive director, Room For Doubt