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Real Life Theology Conversations: A Guide to Essential Questions and Answers for Family Discipleship

Photo of Jason HouserJason Houser | Bio

Jason Houser

JASON HOUSER founded the Seeds Family Worship ministry eighteen years ago and has led teams in creating over two hundred Scripture worship songs and videos to help kids and parents sing God’s Word. He co-wrote the well-known CCM songs “Broken Things” and “The Motions” and co-wrote a parenting discipleship book called Dedicated with Bobby and Chad Harrington. He is also co-author of the forthcoming Real Life Theology Conversations: A Guide to Essential Questions and Answers for Family Discipleship.
Photo of Nicole StineNicole Stine | Bio

Nicole Stine

Nicole graduated from Ozark Christian College with a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies and Psychology. She and her husband, David, both have a passion for missions and prayer and they have two sons that they love like crazy. Nicole homeschools their boys and enjoys teaching them about the relentless love of God. She loves spending time in Bible study and gleaning new insights from Scripture. She’s a long-time freelance writer on natural health and her favorite place in the world to be is on the beach with her husband and boys.
Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy | Bio

Daniel McCoy

Daniel is happily married to Susanna, and they have 3 daughters and 2 sons. He is the editorial director for as well as a part-time professor of philosophy for Ozark Christian College. He has a bachelor’s in theology (Ozark Christian College), master of arts in apologetics (Veritas International University), and PhD in theology (North-West University, South Africa). Among his books are the Popular Handbook of World Religions (general editor), Real Life Theology Handbook (with Andrew Jit), Mirage: 5 Things People Want From God That Don't Exist, and The Atheist's Fatal Flaw (co-authored with Norman Geisler).
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What could be more important than helping your child know God? Most Christian parents want to help their children to know God. They want to help them build their lives on God’s truth. Yet the life of a parent can get really busy! Plus, it can be intimidating to know how to have conversations about God with your child, not to mention talking about the Bible, the gospel, faith, salvation, and how to live as a disciple of Jesus.

Using a simple question-and-answer format, Real Life Theology Conversations guides you to lead fifty-two of the most important conversations you’ll ever have with your child. Each conversation is built around a question and has the following elements:

  1. Interactive questions and answers
  2. Scriptures to discuss and memorize
  3. Activities for sharing and applying the truth

In addition, there are post-conversation elements and a Scripture to memorize. As you walk through these questions and answers with your child, you’ll have great conversations and help them build their lives on God’s truth.

“Using a simple question-and-answer format, Real Life Theology Conversations guides you to lead fifty-two of the most important conversations you’ll ever have with your child.”

“This tool, along with real authentic relationships, will have an impact on our young people. I pray millions will use it.”
Jim Putman, author, Real-Life Discipleship

“I have been doing children’s ministry for over seventeen years, and I can honestly say I haven’t come across a resource as good as this to empower parents to teach their children foundational knowledge!”
Amy Sain, children’s minister, North Boulevard Church of Christ

“We’re thrilled to implement Real Life Theology Conversations into the family discipleship culture of our church.”
Jason Smith, NextGen Pastor, Eastview Church

“A gift to parents and children who want to become more allegiant disciples of King Jesus.”
Matthew W. Bates, author of The Gospel Precisely; professor of theology, Quincy University