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Prayer and Fasting: Moving with the Spirit to Renew Our Minds, Bodies, and Churches

Photo of David RoadcupDavid Roadcup | Bio

David Roadcup

Dr. David Roadcup is Professor of Discipleship and Global Outreach Representative with TCM International Institute. He has been in ministry for over 40 years. Besides youth ministries, senior/preaching ministries and college/seminary teaching through the years, Dr. Roadcup has authored numerous articles and three books. He has spoken in 37 states and 5 foreign countries. As one of the founding members of the men’s ministry Promise Keepers, he served on their Board of Directors for 11 years. In 2001, he was on the summer P.K. Men’s Conference Speaking Team. In addition to his wide-ranging ministry to the Church, teaching classes for TCMI and formerly at Cincinnati Christian University, he is presently on the Board of Directors of Christ in Youth in Joplin, Missouri (C.I.Y.) and the Board of Directors of Christian Arabic Services (C.A.S.). He has been married to Karen for over 50 years. Dave and Karen have two daughters, one son-in-law and three grandchildren. Dave’s great passion is discipling believers and helping Christians grow to deeper levels in their personal walk with Jesus Christ.
Photo of Michael EagleMichael Eagle | Bio

Michael Eagle

MICHAEL EAGLE is Physician Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical School and previously at Mayo Clinic. He has run eighteen marathons, completed two Ironman events, and has an interest in nutrition, exercise, and fasting. Michael is an elder at Harpeth Christian Church and a graduate of TCM’s Discipleship Program.
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Ready for Revival? It’s Time to Relearn Prayer and Fasting.


This book is for Christians who are waking up from the uneasy peace churches have made with the way things are. The modern church’s contentedness in maintaining membership rolls doesn’t compare with the early church’s zeal for spreading the gospel far and wide. For Christians ready for revival, it’s time to reintroduce serious prayer and fasting—not as sporadic irregularities but as serious habits.

Beyond telling us that we need to pray and fast, David Roadcup and Michael Eagle describe how these practices can become part of our daily and weekly rhythms. Christians must be realistic about common hindrances to these practices and receive practical help about how to move forward despite the inhibitions and idolatries which often get in our way. Prayer and Fasting combines biblical teaching, spiritual insight, and scientific research to help us intentionally pursue revival.

The power of the Holy Spirit has enflamed disciple-making movements all throughout history as faithful disciple makers have prayed and fasted. To help us powerfully impact our churches, cultures, and countries for Christ, David and Mike have prepared this helpful manual. Let’s intentionally and faithfully put their words into practice!

— DR. TONY TWIST, President & CEO, TCM International Institute

Every Christian seeking revival needs to read this practical primer on prayer and fasting. Leading disciple-making experts agree that acknowledging the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer and fasting is key for breakthrough. Roadcup and Eagle show us both the “why” and the “how” to this vital element of our faith.

— DR. BOBBY HARRINGTON, Pastor, Author, Point Leader of &