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Prayer and Fasting – Group Discussion Guide

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Michael Eagle

MICHAEL EAGLE is Physician Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical School and previously at Mayo Clinic. He has run eighteen marathons, completed two Ironman events, and has an interest in nutrition, exercise, and fasting. Michael is an elder at Harpeth Christian Church and a graduate of TCM’s Discipleship Program.
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God has radically changed our lives in so many ways, it gets harder and harder to keep track of everyday. Jesus has stepped in boldly, turned our marriage upside down, shaken our views of ourselves and the world and transformed our hearts in a way that looks to him for our sole foundation and strength. In the midst of life, he has given us great peace and joy and a renewed sense of purpose. Jesus of Nazareth, our king and Lord, has met us where we are and has given us a gift which allows us to see him more clearly and hear him more loudly. That gift is fasting and prayer. Our heart is that as many people as possible would come to know our king as their own king and learn to trust him fully by total surrender to his Lordship. Our desire is a church that is no longer lukewarm, but on fire for the living God! We long for an awakening of the Spirit in us and in others. We want to help ignite a church that is equipped to do its mission of making disciples of all nations and a church that learns that there is nothing it can do on its own; but only through reliance on God’s power through his Holy Spirit. May the journey begin…