Tony Twist

Tony grew up in Dallas, Texas and Alice Springs, N.T., Australia. His formal education included Milligan College, Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Southern Baptist Seminary, and Indiana University. Following graduation from Milligan he married Suzanne Grogan from Spencer, Virginia. He and Suzanne served churches in Virginia, Tennessee and Indiana with a primary focus on disciple making. His passions are disciple making, spending time with Suzanne, working out and making new friends around the world. He currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer for the TCM International Institute, a global graduate school for disciple makers based in Indianapolis, Indiana and Heiligenkreuz, Austria.

Infant Baptism: Does the New Testament Teach Paedobaptism? baptismal

Infant Baptism: Does the New Testament Teach Paedobaptism?

Does the Bible teach infant baptism (also called paedobaptism)? Many denominations of Christianity practice infant baptism, but an exploration of the Scriptures describing baptism and its purpose challenges the practice. Baptism in Scripture involves internal factors such as belief and repentance which do not fit infant baptism.  There was a young couple talking about marriage. […]