Jim Kilson

Jim Kilson is the Preaching and Teaching Minister at Lane Christian Church (IL), where he’s served for the past eleven years. He has a BA in Cross-Cultural Ministry from Central Christian College of the Bible and an MA in Ministry and TESOL Certification from Lincoln Christian Seminary, and he’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Theology. […]

Louis Cochran

Louis Cochran was an FBI agent in Kansas City, Missouri; St. Louis, Missouri; and Los Angeles, California. He also practiced law in Jackson, Mississippi. He authored Raccoon John Smith and along with this wife, Bess White Cochran, wrote Captives of the Word. He received an honorary doctor of letters degree in 1960 from Bethany College […]

Carly Califf

Carly is a native of Michigan, but is currently getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible and Interdisciplinary Studies at Ozark Christian College, and in History Education at Missouri Southern State University. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and learning. She hopes to be a History Teacher and serve the church wherever she can.

Carol Stine

Carol Stine is the mother of four children and grandmother of 11 grandchildren. She graduated from St. Louis Christian College with a degree in Christian ministry and served with her husband at Ninos de Mexico near Mexico City, Mexico. She established a K-12 school there, and served as director until they returned to the US. […]

Brother PK

Brother PK serves as a pastor of a traditional church in North America. He is also working to catalyze a disciple making movement. His goal is to share what God is doing in order to help others catalyze disciple making movements. In order to avoid attention and opposition, he writes under a pseudonym.

Alex Follett

Alex serves in West Africa with Pioneer Bible Translators alongside his wife and their three girls.

Chris Irwin

Chris Irwin is the director of EnterMission, a 10-month discipleship experience for young adults. He has a thirst for exploring new places and has served as a missionary in South America and Europe. The author of Missions in Focus: 10 Essential Conversations for Effective Sending (co-authored with Andrew Jit) and Hidden Treasures in an Urban Jungle, […]

Rob Long

Rob Long works for Hope for Haiti’s Children as the Director of Development and Spiritual Formation. Before joining Hope for Haiti’s Children, Rob served in congregational ministry for 18 years. He is passionate about helping people grow closer to Jesus. He loves to preach, teach, share how God is working in Haiti, and connect with […]