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Upcoming Renew.org Events
May 20th - LGBTQ Tools for the Christian Parent
Join us at 7:30 p.m. (CT) to hear Stephen and Deb Bowen and Guy Hammond talk about tools for Christian parents when it comes to LGBTQ issues. Stephen and Deb are Christian parents whose daughters are both same-sex attracted. Guy Hammond is a same-sex attracted man who left homosexuality to follow Jesus.  As a Christian parent, how do you teach your kids biblical sexual ethics in a culture which affirms unbiblical standards? Or, what do you do as a parent when one of your kids comes out as gay? Join the conversation.
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May 27th - Finding Wholeness: A Christian's Cure for a Culture of Chaos
Join us at 7:30 p.m. (CT) to hear Randy Gariss talk about how to find wholeness when you overwhelmed by life's chaos. Do you ever feel like you're going so many directions that you've left yourself behind? Join the conversation with Randy Gariss, hosted by Bobby Harrington and Daniel McCoy.
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Renew.org Learning Community with Guy Hammond 2020
Join our 4-part Learning Community (only $25 per session) with Guy Hammond and others on these topics: Does the Bible teach a Pro-Gay Theology? Why are there Sexual Boundaries? What are the Differences between Male and Female Same-Sex Attraction? Transgenderism? Parenting and Sexuality Hosted by Renew.org and Strength in Weakness
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We are disciples of Jesus from various ethnicities, generations, nations, and communities and we champion all of Jesus’ teachings for disciple-making and disciple making movements.