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Step into Scripture: A Daily Journey to Understanding Your Bible

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Tina Wilson

Tina Wilson is a pastor’s wife and mom of seven. Alongside her husband Matt, she has committed her life to serving King Jesus as a church planter, Bible teacher, author, and advocate for all-in family ministry. She also serves on the board for the Christian Standard. She is passionate about making Christ and his church famous in South Carolina and beyond.
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Perhaps you’ve wanted to read and understand the Bible, but it’s intimidating. Is it really possible for a regular person to understand such a massive, ancient book? And even if it is possible, is it worth the effort?

Author Tina Wilson is a busy mom of seven, yet she will tell you that the answers to these questions are yes and yes. By devoting a few minutes each day over a year, you can understand the Bible—especially with a helpful guide along the way. And it’s totally worth the effort as each step you take into Scripture helps you to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2).

Step into Scripture is a 365-day journey, with Tina as your guide, for developing an understanding of and love for Scripture. By the year’s end, you will have read the entire Bible in chronological order. Plus, you will have experienced the grand sweep of God’s story—as well as the many sights and sounds along the way that point to Jesus.

“What a helpful yearly guide through the Bible! Included is just enough commentary and encouragement for that reading and for that day.” 

—Kaylene Idleman, counselor, former dean of women, Ozark Christian College

“Wilson’s writing is clear, concise, and full of wisdom, and she has a talent for distilling complex concepts into bite-sized lessons that can be easily applied to daily life.” 

—Jennifer Scott, Generations Christian Church

“I highly recommend this book to those who desire to see the Bible as a literary whole.” 

—Orpheus J. Heyward, lead minister, Renaissance Church of Christ