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God’s Word: The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture

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Orpheus J. Heyward

Dr. Orpheus J. Heyward is Senior Minister of the Renaissance Church of Christ. He is considered one of the most dynamic and scripturally sound gospel preachers among churches of Christ today. Having received his Masters of Arts in Theology, Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies and doctorate degree in Theological Exegesis, he is a constant student of the Bible.
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Disciples of Jesus spend a massive amount of time learning from the Bible. Yet what is the Bible? Why do Christians take it so seriously? What tools can we use to understand this ancient collection of historical writings, letters, poems, and more? God’s Word cuts through the confusion with straightforward explanations and practical tools. Orpheus J. Heyward teaches the major sections of the Bible, how we received the Bible, how to interpret it accurately, and why we should view it as our final authority. This book invites you to explore the world’s most important book with the clarity to understand and the courage to follow.

God’s Word is a truly illuminating composite of years of academic compilation.
— DR. O. J. SHABAZZ, Harlem Church of Christ, NYC

God’s Word is a must-read for answers to key questions about the Bible and its interpretation, written with both sensitivity and conviction.
— PAUL S. CABLE, PhD, Ethos Virtual School, Dean of Academics, Chair of Bible

God’s Word dissolves theological complexity down to practical simplicity and brings the reader to a biblical recognition of the power of both the Word of God and the voice of God.
— JAMEL HAMILTON, Minister, Mountain View Church of Christ