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Starting a Discipleship Group: A Leader’s Guide for Using The Real Life Theology Books

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Bobby Harrington

Bobby is the point-leader of and, both collaborative, disciple-making organizations. He is the founding and lead pastor of Harpeth Christian Church (by the Harpeth River, just outside of Nashville, TN). He has an M.A.R. and an M.Div. from Harding School of Theology and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of more than 10 books on discipleship, including Discipleshift (with Jim Putman and Robert Coleman), The Disciple Maker’s Handbook (with Josh Patrick) and Becoming a Disciple Maker: The Pursuit of Level 5 Disciple Making (with Greg Weins). He lives in the greater Nashville area with his wife and near his children and grandchildren.
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The point of good theology isn’t to help smart people get smarter.

The point is to fuel disciple making.

If you have picked up one of our 12 core Real Life Theology books, you will personally grow from the content. But the point of the books is to use the content to disciple people.

So, if you’ve got a Real Life Theology book, what are you, the reader, to do next? The answer is simple: Get what you have learned into the hands of everyday people. Disciple people in God’s grand story. Disciple them in what the gospel is precisely. Disciple them in how to be born again. Disciple them in knowing the truth about God and following his Word. Disciple them in the essential elements of the faith. Disciple them in how to live a faithful, eternally secure faith. Disciple them in what it looks like to be filled, empowered, and led by the Holy Spirit. Disciple them in countercultural living for Jesus’ kingdom life. Disciple them in preparing for the end. Disciple them to disciple others.

This free leader’s guide walks you through how to start a discipleship group which walks through Real Life Theology books. In this free download, here are the tools you will find in starting a discipleship group—a group you can start tomorrow if you want:

  • Seven steps to start a group
  • Seven rhythms for the group
  • The Discipleship Group Covenant (Agreement)
  • Sharing our personal spiritual biographies
  • Using the Real Life Theology book
  • 5 discipleship group questions

Join us as we use Real Life Theology to fuel effective and faithful disciple making!