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This week in your family discipleship plan, you’ll explore “How Should We View the Physical World?” 🌎

Did you know that God created humans to fill the earth and rule over it? But with great power comes great responsibility. You shouldn't waste the earth, and you shouldn't worship it. Instead, you should take care of it as wise stewards. 🌳

Genesis 1:28a says, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it." In other words, God wanted there to be more humans on the earth enjoying and taking care of his creation. 🌿


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🌎 This week, you'll explore how to view the physical world God created. You were created to rule over it, but also to take care of it as wise stewards. Let's be fruitful and multiply, while respecting and preserving our beautiful planet. #stewardship #creationcare

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🌳 God created you to fill the earth and take care of His creation. Let's be wise stewards of the planet, fulfilling our purpose while preserving it for future generations. 🌿 #stewardship #creationcare