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In this week's section of "Real Life Theology Conversations," your families will delve into the question, “Why Do We Need to Be Born Again?” As you learn, sin separates us from God, and this separation is like a spiritual death. That's why Jesus tells us that you must be born again. 🙏

But what is sin? Imagine you have a target to aim at with your bow and arrow, but you miss the mark. That's what sin is: missing the mark, doing what's wrong instead of what's right. 🎯

So why do you need to be born again? Because everyone needs a fresh start, a new beginning with God. You must trust and follow Jesus as your Savior, Lord, and king in all things. Continue to embrace this new birth and live for Him! 🙌

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This week in family discipleship, you’ll be exploring the topic of being born again. Sin separates us from God, but Jesus offers us a fresh start with a new birth. Let's trust and follow Him as our Savior, Lord, and King. #BornAgain #FollowJesus

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In this week's "Real Life Theology Conversations," you’ll discuss being born again. Sin is like missing the mark, but Jesus offers us a new beginning with God. Let's trust and follow Him in all things. 🙏🎯 #BornAgain #NewBeginning