The Marxism I Left Behind in Russia Is Here in the US

Photo of Christian Ray FloresChristian Ray Flores | Bio

Christian Ray Flores

Christian Ray Flores leads Tribe, a church community in Austin, TX and is co-founder of Third Drive – venture development company. He has a Masters degree in Economics speaks four languages and has lived on four continents. Christian has inspired audiences as an international recording artist, award winning producer and speaker. He has led churches in Russia, Ukraine and the US and has dedicated much effort to serve the poor in Eurasia, Latin America and Africa. Christian is married to Deb de Flores and has three daughters – Diana, Violetta and Isabella.
In the 90s, Christian Ray Flores was a chart-topping rock star whose song “Our Generation” became the official song of the campaign of Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who went on to transform his country from a Marxist state to a representative democracy. Christian eventually came to the United States where he leads a church in Austin, TX. Imagine his surprise when Christian began seeing the same Marxist slogans and tactics he had left behind in Russia—gaining popularity in the US.
Joining Christian will be Bobby Harrington whose curiosity about Marxism actually led him to visit the USSR before it collapsed. How should a disciple of Jesus view Marxism? And how should we respond to Marxist views which are becoming increasingly popularity with younger generations?