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Dr. Bobby Harrington will be digging deep into end times eschatology presented by Harpeth Christian Church.

The topic is on what the Bible teaches about end times – what will they be like? How close are they? These are difficult questions that Christian have divided over for 2,000 years, so what can be said?

1. We want to examine the 5 core doctrines about the end-times that all orthodox disciples of Jesus belief.
2. We want to examine, in an honest way, the perspectives held on secondary (important) and third (personal) level issues by good Christian scholars.
3. We want to suggest a way of understanding secondary and third level issues that, although some disagree with, has received strong support throughout Christian history (the most well-supported views over 1900 years).
4 We want to address, as honestly as possible, the teachings in scripture on the Anti-Christ, and false prophets – with the question: “Could we experience them in our lives?”
5. If there are end time tribulations, and if they come in the next 20+ years, how should disciples think and act?

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