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The End: The Return of King Jesus and the Renewal of All Things

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Gary Johnson

Dr. Gary Johnson has served in the preaching ministry for four decades.  He now leads e2 as Executive Director full-time, coaching pastors and elders nationwide.  He holds a Master of Arts degree in Church history from Lincoln Christian Seminary, Master of Ministry and Divinity degrees from Cincinnati Bible Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Grace Theological Seminary (Indiana).  Gary has taught as adjunct professor for a number of seminaries, including Cincinnati Christian University and TCM Institute, a seminary serving Europe and Asia.  Gary has been blessed to travel overseas for the purpose of training elders and pastors in cross-cultural settings on over 100 mission trips.  Gary and Leah have been married over 40 years, and have married sons, Jared and Aaron, who are both serving in the ministry.  His pursuits outside of church life include running, mountain climbing, racquetball, cycling, and back-packing.  Still, one of the greatest joys in life for Gary is being called “grandpa” by his six grandkids.
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It is a disquieting fact that our lives will come to an end. What can cause even more uneasiness is the question of what happens next. Yet God does not abandon us to abstract speculations or anxious suspense. Rather, God’s message includes clarity and urgency regarding what happens after an individual’s death as well as after the end of history itself. In The End, Gary Johnson explores what the Bible teaches about Jesus’ Second Coming, the resurrection of the dead, the final judgment, eternal punishment, and the new heaven and new earth. The book ends with a practical chapter on how we can help others prepare for the end.

Gary Johnson presents a clear and concise understanding of significant issues concerning the consummation of the age.

— Dr. David Roadcup, Professor, TCM International Institute

Whether you are a guide for others, trying to find your own direction, or some of both, you can start here to appreciate better these landscapes that are too often ignored.

— Dr. David Fincher, President, Central Christian College
of the Bible

If you are looking for a practical, accessible, and discipleship-centered book on what the Bible says about the end times, then look no further.

— Dr. Rick Grover, Lead Pastor, East 91st Street
Christian Church