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Real Life Theology Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Life on What’s True

Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy | Bio

Daniel McCoy

Daniel is happily married to Susanna, and they have 3 daughters and 2 sons. He is the editorial director for as well as a part-time professor of philosophy for Ozark Christian College. He has a bachelor’s in theology (Ozark Christian College), master of arts in apologetics (Veritas International University), and PhD in theology (North-West University, South Africa). Among his books are the Popular Handbook of World Religions (general editor), Real Life Theology Handbook (with Andrew Jit), Mirage: 5 Things People Want From God That Don't Exist, and The Atheist's Fatal Flaw (co-authored with Norman Geisler).
Photo of Andrew JitAndrew Jit | Bio

Andrew Jit

Andrew was born and raised in New Zealand and has served in various ministry roles in youth ministry and missions in New Zealand and the United States. He is the founder of MiT Global that has a focus of making passionate purposeful disciples who are living on mission for Jesus. His passion is teaching and training disciples to live on mission daily to have a global impact. He loves to challenge disciples and inspire the next generation to live passionately and radically for God. He has trained numerous churches in their missions strategy. He has traveled extensively around the world teaching, leading and training disciples. He holds an undergraduate degree in Human Geography from the University of Auckland and a Masters in Christian Education and a Certificate in Leadership and Teaching from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of Missions Abandoned: Re-Establishing Missions as a Priority in Our Lives and Churches and Missions in Focus: 10 Essential Conversations for Effective Sending. He is married to his beautiful bride, Jamie, and blessed with two daughters, Hannah and Ella.
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Knowing a few Bible stories and having a few inspiring spiritual experiences won’t sustain your faith journey through an unpredictable life. Such a journey calls for serious training. This handbook takes’s Real Life Theology series and condenses it into a step-by-step training manual. Each chapter will walk you through how to build your convictions on what is true—and then live them out in the real world.

The RLT Handbook trains you in core realities such as understanding God’s story, seeking truth, and living in Jesus’ kingdom. Each chapter contains interactive features to guide you:

  • Self-assessments – A straightforward look at your options when it comes to answering life’s most important questions and an opportunity to be honest about where you are
  • Study – Helpful tools for digging into crucial questions (e.g., How did we get the Bible? Should suffering weaken or strengthen our faith?)
  • Scriptures – Space for wrestling with the meaning of important Bible verses and how we can embrace their significance in our lives
  • Snapshots – Stories of everyday disciples of Jesus who have applied these truths to their lives

Vital truths. Honest self-assessment. This interactive handbook will help you build your life on what’s true.

The Real Life Theology Handbook offers both practicality and profundity and without sacrificing one for the other.

— Kyle Idleman, Senior Pastor, Southeast Christian; bestselling author, not a fan and One at a Time

An effective nuts-and-bolts tool for personal growth and making disciples.

— Stephanie Garman Freed, CEO, Rapha International

An insightful and global-minded handbook with much-needed apologetics to train the next generation of disciple makers.

— Jeff Vines, Lead Pastor, ONE&ALL Church, former missionary to Zimbabwe and New Zealand

Real Life Theology Handbook is an important work and so important right now. It can help us keep so many of the teens whom we are losing to the enemy.

— Jim Putman, author of Real-Life Discipleship