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An Authentic Experience

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Corey Trimble

Corey Trimble became a believer in 2002 after living a life of addiction while playing music for several years on the road with multiple punk/hardcore bands. He graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from Middle Tennessee State University and went on to teach High School and College English. Although Corey has never attended formal seminary, he became a student pastor in 2005 before leaving the church where he became a Christian to start The Experience Community in 2009. The Experience has grown from only a few people to almost 5,000. Corey is very open about his short-comings and insecurities, which makes his pastoring style very unique and refreshing.

Can we be inviting to outsiders and faithful to the Bible?

It is not only possible, but you can see this culture lived out in your personal life and in your local church. As a church planter and pastor, Corey Trimble and his team have strived to build a culture that both welcomes all kinds of people and holds strong to biblical integrity. Learn from An Authentic Experience: Creating an Inviting Culture with Biblical Integrity how to connect with people while still honoring God’s Word.