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Bridging the Gap with the Gay Community: Interview with Guy Hammond Guy Hammond is a Christian who is same sex attracted. He once lived actively in the gay community. However, 32 years ago, he left it behind for good to follow Jesus. Today, Guy heads an organization called Strength in Weakness… Photo of Guy HammondPhoto of Daniel McCoy
Being Picked First for Basketball and What It Taught Me about God We must be pretty amazing that God wanted us on His team! Wait a second… Photo of Joel SingletonJoel Singleton
Humans 2.0 – A Serious Conversation About Science and Humanity Man melding with machine. Anti-aging technology. Brain-computer interface. Gene-edited “designer” babies. Some scientific advances go beyond helping humanity overcome obstacles. They actually begin to help humanity overcome, well . . . humanity! Hence, a new term has entered our cultural… Photo of Daniel McCoyDaniel McCoy
Mark Moore on Life, Legacy, and Core 52 “Until a man or woman gets more joy out of another’s success, then the whole talk of legacy is empty words.” Listen in on Daniel’s conversation with pastor-scholar Mark Moore. Photo of Mark MoorePhoto of Daniel McCoy
Untangling Addictions with Marcus De Carvalho   This will conclude the second season of the Renew Church Leader’s Podcast. Join Dave and Jason as they listen to Dr. De Carvalho’s talk from last year’s Renew Gathering. You may be surprised at the new learnings regarding how… Photo of Marcus De Carvalho, M.D.Marcus De Carvalho, M.D.
Advice for Scholars Who Are Trying to Remain Faithful to Christ Retired New Testament professor Kenny Boles reflects on how he entered the world of scholarship, and gives advice on how to remain a scholar who is faithful to Jesus.   Photo of Kenny BolesPhoto of Daniel McCoy
Is Our Manhood in Crisis? – An Interview with Robert Lewis (Part 2 of 2) Bobby and Robert continue their discussion on this emerging crisis. In part 2 they discuss the biblical basis for gender roles, why young men are listening to Jordan Peterson, how the church can give an answer to the crisis and… Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
Is Our Manhood in Crisis? – An Interview with Robert Lewis (Part 1 of 2) Something ominous is happening to young men today; it’s a crisis…and strangely, we are not talking about it. A recent USA Today article captured the essence of the crisis with the article “Boy Crisis Threatens America’s Future with Economic, Health and Suicide Risks.” It was written by Warren… Photo of Bobby HarringtonBobby Harrington
On Heaven Kenny Boles has preached hundreds of sermons. Yet for the past twenty years, he has gravitated toward one topic above all. What really makes heaven so heavenly? Photo of Kenny BolesPhoto of Daniel McCoy
Renew Church Leaders’ Podcast – Season 2 Kick-off Welcome back to another season of the Renew Church Leaders’ Podcast. Dave and Jason are hosting this season with highlights from last year’s Renew Gathering and much more. Listen to this presentation from Renee Sproles on the importance of obedience… Photo of Jason HendersonPhoto of Renee Sproles
Renewing and the Spirit with Shodankeh Johnson Hear from one of our partners on the power of prayer and fasting in disciple making movements. This is an excerpt form the 2018 Renew Gathering. Photo of Shodankeh JohnsonPhoto of Jason Henderson
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