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Bridging the Gap with the Gay Community: Interview with Guy Hammond

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Guy Hammond

Guy Hammond started Strength in Weakness ministry which has helped thousands in 58 countries. He has taught over 100,000 people in churches, universities and faith based groups globally, has written 6 books and had a documentary movie made about his life and ministry called Finding Guy. Before becoming a Christian, Guy lived an active gay life until he was 24 years old. After becoming a Christian, he left that life behind forever. Guy is a news junkie, loves anything political, loves to read, and is an avid hockey and baseball fan.
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Daniel McCoy

Daniel is happily married to Susanna, and they have 3 daughters and 2 sons. He has his bachelor’s in theology (Ozark Christian College), his master of arts in apologetics (Veritas International University), and his PhD in theology (North-West University, South Africa). His master’s thesis was on apologetics to atheists, and his doctoral dissertation was on apologetics to Buddhists. In 2014, he co-authored The Atheist’s Fatal Flaw with Norman Geisler. Daniel works as editorial director for the Renew Network. His passion is to help people understand that they can totally trust Jesus. He plays guitar and piano and occasionally enjoys writing songs.

Guy Hammond is a Christian who is same sex attracted. He once lived actively in the gay community. However, 32 years ago, he left it behind for good to follow Jesus.

Today, Guy heads an organization called Strength in Weakness (SIW), whose purpose is to “help to bridge the gap between the Christian community and the LGBTQ community through awareness, education, and support.”

Renew’s editorial director, Daniel McCoy, caught up with Guy to find out more about this mission.